Your Mobile Data Plans Are Going To Cost You Less!


We’re going to have lower wireless service costs! There’s a new policy out there, proposed by the Competition Bureau of Canada to lower the high cost of mobile wireless services right across the country.

Basically, they want to bring in more competition, which will force the telecom giants — Bell, Rogers, and Telus, to lower their prices.

Canadians pay a hell of a lot more in mobile wireless services than any other country in the G7, the countries in the EU, and Australia! In some of the EU countries, consumers pay about 30 euros for unlimited data plans. And we pay about $45 for 2 gigs of data.

It’s just not fair.

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The telecom giants are charging way more than in most countries because they have all the market power.

Take for example, Videotron, a regional carrier we all know in Montreal and in Quebec. Videotron and others are wireless disruptors that help lower the cost of wireless services, up to 40% lower.

The Competition Bureau submitted to the CRTC a proposal to have the 3 telecom giants sell temporary access of their wireless networks to regional carriers.

Obviously, some competition would lower prices, although Telus, for instance, says that it won’t benefit consumers at all, not now and not later. So, it’s plain to see that the big guys just won’t go for it and will fight this every step of the way because this proposal will affect their bottom line.

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