You’ll Pay $500 More For Groceries in 2020 Because of Climate Change


According to a recent study from Canada’s Food Price Report, you’ll pay more for your groceries next year and you can thank climate change for it.

To be more precise, it will be $487 more for you to put food on your table.

The biggest hike is in produce and that is a direct result of climate change.

Just look at all the weather patterns that are nothing like they used to be. We get unexpected snowstorms, heavy rainfall, drought, freezing rain, forest fires, and more.

Crops have been impacted tremendously because of the weather.

There are more bacterial outbreaks now, something also related to climate change. The long heat waves and hotter temperatures overall increase bacterial growth that can cause E. coli.

When one popular vegetable is recalled, then the alternatives go up in price.

Experts in the report call the changing weather patterns impact for 2020, “the elephant in the room.”

It seems like it will only get worse unless we change our ways across the globe.

And, then we have to factor in the steady inflation and other things too, like diet fads.

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