You Can Make Soft Ice Cream at Home with This NEW Machine – LG SnowWhite

soft ice cream at home

For decades, people have loved soft ice cream, running to Dairy Queen and other shops for the best summer treat. Well, now you can make soft ice cream at home with this new machine that works like a Keurig.

The SnowWhite automated pod ice cream machine by LG will give soft ice cream lovers something to scream about. You will soon be able to make your own soft ice cream in less than 5 minutes, right in your own home.

The self-cleaning machine will make it a breeze to also make gelato, as well as some other summer favorite treats giving frozen dessert lovers what Keurig did for coffee lovers.

Special capsules are used in the LG SnowWhite to make gelato, sorbets, frozen yogurt, granita, sherbet, frozen custard and more! How exciting.

The SnowWhite uses two capsules combined to create the delicious custom dessert – one capsule is for the type of dessert and the other for the flavor.

According to LG, the pods are supposed to be “premium natural” ingredients. There will even be low-sugar pods.

Even better is that the new LG soft ice cream maker will do all the hard work for you whenever you want to make make soft ice cream at home , unlike with conventional home ice cream makers. With LG, you just pop in the pods and press the right buttons.

Right now, the LG Snowwhite is a prototype and has not yet been confirmed to hit production lines. But, we promise to keep you posted on this one.