WRG Classic Dress Up Hockey Tournament in Montreal Soon

wrg classic
Credit: WRG Classic / Facebook

Suit up, literally, for the hockey tournament of the year — the WRG Classic that comes to Montreal in January.

Put on your best to win the coveted ‘best dressed’ for the 6th edition of the hockey tournament.

What to Wear at the WRG Classic

Men, consider tweed and a bow-tie, your classiest winter coat and come play whatever your skill level.

wrg classic

Women, maybe a fur or leather coat, wool or even a cape?

Whatever you choose, make sure you dress not just to impress, but also to keep warm. It can get pretty cold out there.

Men and women are invited to join in the hockey tournament, but you have to sign up — and quick because roster spots fill up quick.

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Then, the tournament organizers draft the players in as fair a way as is possible.

Sher-Wood 5030 hockey sticks are given to all the hockey players in the tournament, thanks to the company of the same name.

Cost is between $40 and $80, available online to purchase. The tournament takes place on January 24, 25, and 26, 2020 in Little Burgundy‘s Parc Vinet.

For more information, click the link to the WRG Classic website.

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