Woman Return Dead Christmas Tree And Gets A Full Refund 10 Days After Christmas


How cheap can someone be? This woman decided that, after celebrating Christmas with a Costco real Christmas tree, return it to Costco 10 days after the holiday and actually got her money back!

Someone in the store took a picture of her as he waited behind her in line at Costco in Santa Clara, California.

In total disbelief, he snapped a picture of this shameless Costco shopper and posted it on Facebook.

This happened on January 4. Her reasoning was that it was dead and of no use to her!

It didn’t take long for Costco employees to give the woman her money back for the dead Christmas tree, although she was questioned and perhaps shamed but people like this just let things roll of their backs. Apparently the woman didn’t even mind that the man behind her took a picture of this unbelievable sight.

We all like Costco’s generous return policy, but should a company have to deal with this type of customer? What do you think?