Who Will be the Next Big Man to Fall Due to Sexual Misconduct Allegations?


This whole Harvey Weinstein thing has really snowballed into something we never seen before. This time, it’s Matt Lauer, another TV icon who was terminated overnight for sexual misconduct allegations.

There is no doubt that women have forever been victims of sexual assault throughout the years. Talk to any woman, regardless of age or appearance, and she’ll have a story to tell. Yes, it happens that often. And, many have actual proof. Many have witnesses.

What exactly has a guy done to lose his job at the snap of or the pointing of a finger? It just seems like any woman can accuse any man of sexual misconduct and in an instant, the man loses everything. Please don’t misunderstand as there are despicable men in the workplace that need to be put in their place (and more than that)!

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But, are we at a point where a woman can just accuse a man and then he is automatically guilty? What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

Are we entering the age where an employer might want to avoid hiring a woman in his office for fear that he might be accused of inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace?

And, all this (which if he is guilty, he deserves it) in a country who elected Donald Trump – the man who was caught ON TAPE telling and CONFESSING to a TV host about how he sexually assaulted women and got away with it. Funny thing, the guy listening to Trump’s story (Billy Bush) got fired, but the guy doing the grabbing became THE MOST POWERFUL MAN IN THE WORLD.

Warning: the video below contains offensive language.


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