What’s Really Causing Your Back Pain?


Sitting at your desk all day is one of the main things that may be causing you back pain, but it’s definitely not the only one! A chiropractor of the Downtown Wellness Centre, Dr. Raminder Badyal, says people often ignore their back pain because they assume it will just go away by itself.

Back Pain

Badyal says that while medication or stretching can help you soothe your back pain in the short-term, visiting a specialist will help you identify the real issue. It’s important not to ignore your back pain, especially if it’s reoccurring.

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So, when you notice your back is in pain, think about when the last time you felt this way was and consider visiting a doctor. Being aware of the things that could be causing your back pain will help you solve the issue. Some of the most common contributors to back pain are:

  • Improper exercise form.
  • Carrying bags in ways which cause strain.
  • Lifting things without bending your knees.
  • Bending over while gardening for hours at a time.
  • Parenting activities which affect posture.

Try to be more aware of your posture and activities to help ease any back pain you experience and remember to get yourself checked out if your back pain is chronic.