What to Do in a Heat Wave – Safety Tips for Coping with Hot Weather


Montreal is in for some exceptionally hot weather, and that means you have to change your ways to stay safe.

With the humidex readings possibly breaking records, coping with a heat wave is top priority.

Heat wave safety begins with finding a cool place for relief. Your municipality probably waved the fees for the public pools, so take advantage.

Make sure to talk to your family so that they each know what to do in a heat wave and what precautions to take.

During a heat wave with the extreme temperatures you can expect a power outage. As such, you need to be prepared with a plan B, should there be a blackout. Remember, you won’t have the comfort of air conditioning at your home if this occurs, nor will you have power to cook meals.

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So, make sure your propane tank is full and be ready with foods that can be barbecued and have ingredients for sandwiches on hand!

  • Find places to go for relief from the heat, like shopping centres, restaurants, cafes, the beach, the pool, a splash pad, and so on.
  • Keep an eye on family, friends, and neighbors who may not be in good health, may be overweight, elderly etc., as they are more likely to be victims of the excessive heat.
  • Also, consider your pet and provide him comfort and relief from the heat. For example, for your dog, wet and wring out a towel for him in the shade to lay on to cool him down and always have water available to him.

What To Do During a Heat Wave

Drink, drink, drink! Your number one job in a heat wave is to stay hydrated. Drink fluids (not caffinated or alcoholic beverages) even when you don’t feel thirsty.

Eat light and smaller portions throughout the day. Eating heavy meals or big portions causes the body to overwork, meaning you’ll feel hotter.

Dress light in a heat wave. Forget dark colors, which absorb more of the sun’s rays, or tight clothing. Aim for light colors and natural fabrics that fit loosely.

Do NOT overwork yourself in the excessive heat. Avoid exercise, at least during the hottest part of the day.

Stay out of the sun and find shade. The temperature under a tree is several degrees cooler than in the sun.

Extreme temperature changes should be avoided.

Do NOT leave children alone in a closed car.

Do NOT leave pets alone in a closed car.

If working during the heat wave, take lots of breaks.

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