Westmount Library Plum Secret Society After-Hours Boardgame Night


Nothing is more fun than a boardgame late at night with a good group of people. So, the Plum Secret Society has teamed up with the Westmount Public Library to bring you the after-hours boardgame night event that’s sure to attract a new crowd.

They and the City of Westmount Communications department joined forces to create a differnent experience of late night fun.

Randolph Pub Ludique will host the event which will include a collection of favorite classic and popular board games for everyone to join in on.

Everything You Need to Know about Boardgame Night

The Westmount Library in this elite Montreal neighborhood will take care of the snacks and even provide a cash bar, with one drink included in your ticket.

There will be board game appropriate music and the after-hours event will be open only to people 18 and older. That means alcohol will be available!

Westmount Public Library

The historical Westmount Public Library is full of its own mysteries like the secret passageway between the study and kitchen. The library, which was built in 1899 is an ideal place for late night fun.

Plum Secret Society Boardgame Night

When: Saturday, September 29 (after closing hours)
Where: 4574, Sherbrooke O, Westmount
Contact Info: 514 989-5354 or Email: cfsmith@westmount.org