Skateboarders Get Ready! New West Island Skatepark to be Built this Year


Skateboarders will roll into the the new West Island skatepark as early as this year.

West Island Skatepark

The city of Pointe-Claire will invest a cool $600,000 to create this awesome 12,000 square foot skatepark to be built close to John Rennie High School, at the intersection of Douglas-Shand and Maywood Avenues.

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This is an exciting project that is sure to attract skateboarders from all over Montreal’s West Island and beyond as soon as it’s built. And, 40 athletes can use it at the same time! Up until now, skateboarders have to travel as far as Longueuil, Verdun, or Vaudreuil to to practice.

West Island Skatepark

But this modern park has lots to offer, like street, bowl and half-pipe features, with a 16-foot high capsule that cups one end of the park. And it has a similar feel to the one at the Olympic Stadium.