West Island Montreal Schools Fight to Stay Open


Each year, English schools put on their boxing gloves and head into the ring to beat out competing schools and ensure their place in the education system. They hold open houses and invite potential students and their parent to get a good look at what they offer. It’s certainly different from how it was in the past.

Was it all that long ago that students had virtually no choice regarding the high school they’d attend once they graduated from elementary school? It seems like it was a lifetime ago that the choice was limited to Catholic or Protestant schools in their district, but when the big change happened, suddenly parents had big choices to make.

With enrolment decreasing in Montreal English high schools, each one puts on a show every fall to attract as many students as they can in an effort to stay open and stay off the chopping block. Not too long ago, Lester B. Pearson school board set their sights on closing Lakeside Academy in Lachine and that riled up parents and students alike to keep it open. The parents and students won, keeping it afloat, but for how long? There were also rumours about Lindsay Place High School’s closing, but nothing ever came of it.

Faced with all these choices, parents must decide which West Island high school to send their kids to while ensuring the best education and future opportunities for them.

But, how do you choose where your teen is to gain all this knowledge and prepare for the future?

Here are some things to consider:

1.  Location
2.  Transportation
3.  Special Programs
4.  School environment
5.  Student-teacher ratio
6.  Reputation
7.  Support staff for learning or attention issues
8.  Are the teachers knowledgeable in their subjects
9.  Does your child fit in and feel comfortable
10. Policies in place for keeping parents informed, if you like tracking your child’s progress.
11. Is it a modern learning school with Internet access, a computer lab, and a modern library?
12. How well do students fare at graduation and beyond, graduation rate, etc.

When you visit these open houses, bring a list of questions, like these above and ask as many as you can. High school is an important part of your child’s life so it’s crucial to do your homework and register them in a school that ranks the highest on your list. 

As for West Island Montreal Lester B. Pearson schools:

  • IB programs are offered at: Riverdale High, St. Thomas High, Lakeside High
  • John Rennie High is well-known for its Sports-Etudes program
  • Lindsay Place High is renowned for their Arts and Music programs
  • Beaconsfield High offers music, drama, visual, and dance options
  • Horizon High in Pointe-Claire is alternative school for at-risk youth

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