Put This Spectacular Waterfall Near Montreal on Your Summer Road Trip List this Year

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Summer’s around the corner and that means road trip planning time is here! Where to go this time? How about getting out to see spectacular waterfalls without driving for hours?

Waterfall Near Montreal
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There’s no better time to travel than in the summertime. Unfortunately, that’s when everyone else is travelling as well, and that can make things a little tight and frustrating sometimes. But it can be a fantastic time to get away even if it’s for a day trip or a weekend getaway just to get out and see a lot of people enjoying the sun and the nice weather.

Waterfall Near Montreal

There are lots of magnificent places to visit in and around our city all year round, so take advantage of them. Like this spectacular waterfall near Montreal that is just a little over an hour away. The Dorwin Falls Park in Rawdon are the perfect place for a spontaneous day trip.

The Falls are beautiful and can be stronger after a good downpour, so they’ll be a great feature in all your photos.

Things to do at the Dorwin Falls Park in Rawdon

There’s a great little picnic area not far from the entrance to the falls. This is a wonderful spot to just enjoy a break while you have your meal after having spent a few hours on a magnificent nature walk.

Photo Credit: Photo Camille Castonguay

There’s even a boardwalk you can take a stroll on. If you prefer not to bring lunch with you, head across the street from the Falls and there’s a McDonald’s where you can eat cheap, or a Tim Horton’s, if that’s more your thing.

Good to Know

Tourists should be prepared to pay to see the Falls, something that’s free for Rawdon residents. But, there is a way for tourists not to pay entrance fees and enjoy the Dorwin Falls for FREE by visiting either in early spring or late in the fall. Each visitor pays for one bracelet (depending on age), then gets to visit Les Cascades and the Municipal Beach without paying any more fees.

By the picnic tables in the pine forest, you’ll find the public bathrooms (something that’s always good to know).

The current is very strong so there is no swimming here. If you really want to swim, you can head to the Municipal Beach on 8th Avenue.

For more information, visit the tourist information kiosk/office located right at the entrance.

For hours of operation and admission visit the Rawdon Website