Watch This Video – Pontiac Silverdome Demolition Fails Big Time


What was once the home of two Detroit professional teams – the Detroit Pistons and the Detroit Lions was set to implode. But the Pontiac Silverdome demolition fails and it’s all caught on camera.

They huffed and they puffed but they just couldn’t blow down this stadium.

Watch this video of the failed demolition of the Detroit Pontiac Silverdome Demolition.

Wow! I would hate to have been the person responsible for this. LOL!

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In the end, there was just a lot of smoke. The experts behind the failed demolition of the Pontiac Silverdome claim there was a wiring issue with the explosives in the upper levels of the stadium that caused the failure.

“There’s wires separated somewhere,” said the executive, Rick Cuppetilli. “We’ve researched it, we haven’t found it yet, we’re going to continue research, but it’s not coming down today.”