Montreal Walking Tour Guides Offer an In-Depth Visit of the City


There are lots of Montreal attractions in summer for tourists to enjoy and get a real feel of this gorgeous city. Whether visitors choose to tour on their own or by using walking tour guides in Montreal, there’s definitely a lot to discover.

Check out the different Montreal tourist attractions by focusing on specific areas at a time, so this way you save time and get the most out of the city as possible.

Old Montreal – Rich in History

Though you may not know this, Montreal is one of the oldest cities in North America and has a rich history which can especially be seen in Old Montreal, where the French first settled.

Visitors can learn a lot about Montreal by going on walking tours or even biking tours, which are provided by licensed tour guides. Old Montreal walking tours give visitors options – the full walking tour of Old Montreal, just the east or just the west sides. Either way, tourists get knowledgeable guides that direct them to the places of interest.

Most guided walking tours in Montreal are made up of small groups to ensure personalized service and most include admission to Notre-Dame Basilica – one of Old Montreal’s most important attractions.

Professional Guided Tours of Old Montreal

You’ll go on a fascinating journey as you explore the historic buildings and the narrow cobblestone streets. Not only will you see the key landmarks, but also lesser-known areas familiar only to native Montrealers.

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Montreal Neighborhoods

And, there’s more to this beautiful city than just Old Montreal. Some tours extend beyond, into the Plateau and Chinatown. Strolling through the city gives you an opportunity to take in all the sights and enjoy different foods.

Chinatown Montreal
The Paifangs or Traditional Chinese Gates

You’ll also get a taste of the Montreal Mural Festival with a live gallery of street art! Montreal’s hip neighborhoods are the heart and soul of this historic city. You’ll take in the trendiest, most artistic, and popular areas with their Victorian architecture and, of course, the famous outdoor staircases.

Some visitors may choose the Montreal architectural walking tour. This is where they’re guided by Montreal tour guides that really know their stuff. They’ll provide interesting, in-depth information about the unique design and architecture of the city.

Aldred Building, Montreal

Don’t forget that Montreal was founded in 1642. So this walking tour will have lots to offer, from the walled city to today’s modern buildings and everything in between!

By the way, did you know that Montreal is home to a replica of New York’s Chrysler Building? It’s the Aldred Building!

Or, they can see Montreal top attractions in less time on city tours as they drive around town.

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