Village des Valeurs Is NO Charity – It Makes $1 BILLION Annually!


Exposed! Value Village or Village des Valeurs is NO charity. – It takes your donations and sells them for a HUGE profit.

If you’re like many people who change their style of clothing regularly, you’ve probably “donated” your clothes to what you thought was, charity.

But, Village des Valeurs, as it’s known in Quebec, or Value Village elsewhere in Canada and the United States, takes YOUR DONATIONS, for FREE, and then sells them FOR Profit.

Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with the second-hand clothing business they are running — it’s completely legit.

Here’s the problem:

The part that’s kind of questionable and borderline deceptive is that most people who give their clothes away to Village des Valeurs think it is a nonprofit business.

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Most consider their clothes and other unwanted items are going to be sold to help the needy. They believe they’re giving them away to goodwill.

Village des Valeurs, a Savers brand, is nothing like that. In fact, they don’t disclose any of their charitable donations. And, their deceptive advertising just misleads the public.

Due to their deceptive marketing practices, Value Village was found guilty by an Alberta Superior Court for just that.

In front of a packed courtroom, Superior Court Judge Rogoff scolded Value Village for an HOUR and a HALF during his ruling.

The thrift store’s marketing campaigns deceived both consumers who buy second-hand clothes and used items to benefit charities, as well as those who gave, who also thought their donations would help those in need.

Unfortunately, there are no charities that have ever benefited from the Value Village parent company (TVI Inc).

In 2017, the Attorney General of Washington, Bob Ferguson, launched a multi-million-dollar consumer protection lawsuit against the company.

That lawsuit came to be because Value Village paid nonprofits and charities a specific rate so that Value Village could use their names and logos when they solicited money! The profits of any items sold by Village des Valeur, however, belongs entirely to it and its parent company.

In fact, Value Village in-store ads read:

“Your donations and purchases help us fund (nonprofits’) programs and services. How’s that for shopping with a smile?”

So, with their deceptive marketing campaigns, they manage to rake in $1 BILLION in profits each year from their over 300 stores in Canada, the US, and Australia.

In the US, because of the attorney general of Washington, Value Village is liable for unspecified damages.

As for the Alberta lawsuit, we will only learn of the penalties Value Village (Village des Valeurs) will have to pay in the spring, which will be determined by Judge Rogoff.

It’s expected that Value Village will appeal the verdict as they continue to maintain their innocence and that they never misled consumers.

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