New Vegan Fast Food Resto Opens in Downtown Montreal

vegan restaurant montreal

Vegan is really catching on, so much so that a new vegan only fast food restaurant opened in downtown Montreal.

Right in the heart of the Golden Square Mile, is the new Code Vert vegan restaurant. Catchy name, wouldn’t you agree?

Make no mistake about it – it’s fast food, but it’s not junk food!

Code Vert is loaded with healthy, organic foods just waiting for you to try – even if vegan isn’t your thing.

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The ex-notary who decided to become a restauranteur chose a new concept for a lifestyle – making it a healthy fast-food joint. So, now you more choices when looking for a delicious but healthy meal!

The menu offers lots of interesting dishes for a quick lunch or an after-work dinner with some friends.

vegan fast food montreal
Code Vert

Of course, the design is modern, fun, and inviting, with varying shades of pretty greens and blues. Get in early to sit at the most Instagrammable spots in the restaurant!

Their fast-food counter allows you to quickly place your order. Then, the friendly staff simply hands you your food. Take a seat and enjoy!

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Note: Cash is NOT accepted at Code Vert and they are still ironing out some mobile ordering and payment issues!

Code Vert Restaurant

Where: 1216 rue Bishop, Montreal