Don’t Miss This One! Uncle Tetsu’s is Coming to Montreal!


@Uncle Tetsu Canada/Facebook

If you have a sweet tooth, get ready to be satisfied. Uncle Tetsu, a Japanese-based cheesecake shop, is set open this June on the corner of Pierce and Saint-Catherine Streets, not far from Guy.

The block will transform into a dessert tour, as Uncle Testu will join Quebec-based shop Juliette & Chocolate and Yeh!

Frozen Yogurt and Café. Not the place to go if you’re working on summer body.

Uncle Tetsu is already a hit in Toronto and is known for its small cakes that melt in your mouth.

Uncle Tetsu’s cheesecake is the most famous dessert on the menu, but there are a collection of other sweets including:

  • honey madeleines,
  • angel hats,
  • rusk bread, and
  • cheese tarts.

The 7-inch cheesecake is set to be sold for $10.