Unbelievable – Epic Teen House Party Ends in $20K in Damages to Rented Home


Throwing an epic house party is a goal that tops the list of many high schoolers, but one Vancouver teen went over the top.

To reach her goal, she ended up with consequences to the tune of more than $20,000 in damages to a rental home – money her parents will have to pay back to the owners of that home.

Watch the video that’s gone viral and has scared parents around the world. 

The 14-year old rented the house online using her parents’ credit card, without their permission. Vancouver police were called to the scene of an ‘uncontrolled party’ on March 9th to find over 200 teenagers inside and outside of the house.

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While the party was never intended to reach that size, unsupervised house parties have a way of attracting anyone who hears anything about them.

Luckily for the Vancouver teen, the homeowner decided not to press charges and the family agreed to pay for the damages. All for a night of good fun!

What would you do to your teen after you got stuck with a bill like that???