trump tower vancouver

The Trump name and brand has a controversial reputation, even in Canada. The brand presents a variety of products from steaks to luxury condos. Now the Trump Tower in Vancouver is being investigated for tax fraud by the CRA (Canadian Revenue Agency). Photo credit: Marcin Chady

The collective international boycott of Trump products since President Trump’s inauguration was powerful enough to remove the Trump name from Trump Tower Toronto and end business for Ivanka Trump’s accessory line.

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President Trump’s questionable ethics seem to be extending to his business products.

Federal authorities in Vancouver are investigating the developers and buyers of the Trump International Hotel and Tower for possible tax fraud.

The tower is being investigated by the CRA for ‘presale condo flipping,’ which means people or companies bought condos before construction was finished so they could resell them for higher prices without a legal obligation to disclose the earnings.

The tower’s investigation falls into a broader sweep of the Vancouver condo market and the unfair selling and trading causing inflation in prices. The investigation is meant to control and temper one of the least affordable housing markets in North America.

The Trump Organization allowed developers of the Trump Tower to use the Trump name on the condos, but they have no involvement in unit sales. It’s no matter that the Trump family is not involved in the controversy. The brand’s reputation in Canada will suffer.


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