FREE Christmas & New Year’s Eve Parties at Mont Tremblant’s Holiday Village

Tremblant's Holiday Village

This year, FREE Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations are being held at Tremblant’s Holiday Village.

There’s exhilarating stuff taking place this year, such as activities, ventures, and the launching of their brand-new water park! So, you definitely wouldn’t want to miss this year’s Mont-Tremblant.

From the 24th of December 2019, right up to the 3rd of January 2020, FREE Festive Parties will be held! There’s live entertainment, and a New Year’s Eve party going on all over the pedestrian village. Even Santa will be there for the festivities!

That’s just the beginning!


The New Water Park – Brind’O Aquaclub

Not convinced? No problem. Consider being massaged at the Slope Side Amerispa or maybe a relaxing Scandinavian bath at the launching of Tremblant’s brand-new water-park, Brind’O Aquaclub.

Maybe you’re thinking that a water park in the middle of winter isn’t really your thing. That’s ok, but you obviously don’t know about Brind’O Aquaclub. This water park north of Montreal has everything you want, including swimming pools and hot tubs, indoor and out! There’s even a fitness and they offer group classes.

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No exact date has been given, although it’s expected to take place this December 2019. But, we’re sure you’re going to want to include that in your holidays up north.

How about Tremblant’s brand-new, on-mountain cafeteria called Le Nomade! It is presently serving up “themed menus” such as smokehouses, Tex-Mex, etc. The Le Nomade is going to be moving around, dishing out food on the go during the ski season.

Things to Do in Mont Tremblant

Other awesome activities for you include sleigh riding, cross-country skiing, laser tagging, ice fishing, test your brains at an escape room, paint-balling or delve into virtual reality.

Why not try getting your adrenaline rush with Alpine tours using snowshoes, dog-sledding, dune buggy excursions, helicopter expeditions, ice scaling, snow biking, a scenic gondola ride, tubing, and snowmobile riding.

The Mont Tremblant Fluorescent New Year’s Eve Procession and Festivity set to go at 8 PM on the 31st of December. And it’s free!

You get the privilege to participate in the torchlight procession and then the all-night party held at Place Saint-Bernard — transformed transformed into a “fluorescent outdoor discotheque.”

DJs will be present, and there’s going to be lots of dancing. The highlight of the party: fireworks at midnight to welcome 2020.

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