TransPod & Alberta High-Speed Train Plan To Connect Calgary & Edmonton

transpod high-speed train

Welcome to the future! TransPod, a Canadian hyperloop company, just signed an agreement with the government of Alberta. Together, they will advance the 1,000 km/h train system plan to connect Calgary and Edmonton and turn this otherwise long car ride into a 30-minute commute. See the video below.

Imagine the possibilities!

As futuristic as it may sound, it’s now a plan in action that will also bring thousands of jobs to the province of Alberta.

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Although it’s a ‘train’ it doesn’t run on rails. Instead, the system uses magnets in a vacuum-sealed tube making the pods travel about 1,000 km/h.

Alberta has not promised any public funding, but has given TransPod 10 km of land to build a test track costing about $500 million.

The actual finished hyperloop train system would cost between $6 -$10 BILLION!

Of course, there’s lots of testing and construction would only start in about 5 years from now, but it’s great to have the provincial government on board.