Time Out Market Montreal Opening Soon at the Eaton Centre

Time Out Market Montreal
Credit: Time Out Market

The Eaton Centre in downtown Montreal has been undergoing an extensive makeover for way too long. Not to mention it’s put a damper on people’s shopping experience. Thankfully, it’s almost over. November 14 is the date that the Time Out Market Montreal will throw its doors wide for the public.

With over 40,000 square feet of space, the Time Out Market Montreal will boast 16 restaurants to choose from! It’s more than just a food court — it’s an experience.

The food market will bring together, under one roof, the best Montreal has to offer: its best restaurants, bars and cultural experiences.

You get to explore both local culture and affordable fine dining from all diverse range of cuisines. And, meals are served on china with flatware—at communal tables, just like in real restaurants.

Montreal’s Time Out Market is one of the five food and cultural markets in North America. Other cities include Miami, New York, Boston, and Chicago. More will follow overseas in the coming years in Dubai, London and Prague.

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You’ll find restaurant chains such as:

  • Le Red Tiger
  • Miglio, Romados
  • Foxy, Grumman 78
  • Dalla Rosa
  • Le Club Chasse et Peche

Cocktail stands will also be open and offer unique blends to the public. Visitors will even be able to attend culinary seminars.

There will also be a variety of additional attractions to look forward to, such as a variety of cultural displays. The primary focus is on food, but there should be plenty of seasonal and holiday specials.

This is a delicious example of the best Montreal has to offer.

Time Out Market Montreal Grand Opening

When: November 14 at 8 AM
Where: Eaton Centre, Downtown Montreal, Ste. Catherine Street O.

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