There’s a Secret Time Capsule on Mount Royal – Did You Know?

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The cross on Mount Royal can’t be missed no matter what time of day. It’s huge and well lit up so people notice it. But the time capsule on Mount Royal is not nearly as popular. (Photo credit: Guilhem Vellut)

That’s mostly because it isn’t in the spotlight and doesn’t have the popularity the cross or Beaver Lake, but it’s there and it deserves recognition.

All about the Time Capsule on Mount Royal

time capsule on mount royal

The Mount Royal time capsule, buried in 1992, sits just next to the famous cross, beneath a plaque! The idea was a part of Montreal’s 350th celebration.

The capsule will be opened in 2142 – 150 years later, when Montreal will be 500 years old!

What a wonderful idea! The time capsule on the mountain is filled with drawings and notes from 12,000 Montreal children and the way they imagine Montreal will be in the future.