Thyme Tea – Can It Help Relieve Symptoms Of The Common Cold And Cough?


Thyme Tea is most often used to aid in treatment from the common cold, brochitis, and coughs. It has the abilities to dry mucous membranes and relax spasms of the bronchial passage to provide relief from coughing. It is also known to treat infections and has antiseptic abilities. It is used frequently as an ingredient in toothpastes and mouthwashes and as a gargle to treat gum disease.

As a result, Thyme Tea can be effective for the following chronic conditions:




Hay Fever

As a digestive aid, thyme is known to combat such parasites as hookworms and tapeworms. For digestive health, mix thyme with equal amounts of red clover, sage and rosemary. If you are treating naseau, add a little ginger to the tea. Boil 1 cup of fresh water and add 1 tsp of the dried herbs and a slice of ginger root.

This herb has also been effective in reducing pain associated with rheumatic arthritis and arthritic pain in joints. Thyme Tea is a great herbal remedy for many conditions.

The most common variety to use for tea is Thymus Vulgaris, however Thymus Serpyllum contains a sedative property and can make you sleepy. It is a great tea prior to bed time.

Also, it is has been proven effective in increasing perspiration which is why it has been recommended to bring down a fever and help sweat out a cold.

Externally, a strong tea tonic made of Thyme steeped in boiled water, double or triple a standard thyme tea recipe, can be used as an antiseptic on external cuts and wounds. This Thyme Tonic also makes a good gargle or rinse for chronic gum problems.

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