Thousands of Americans Tried to Enter Canada During Pandemic to Shop and Have Fun

Do Not Enter road sign by tree

The Canada Border Services Agency’s new data shows over 10,000 Americans were turned away at the border between March 22 and July 12. Shockingly, about half of them wanted to shop or have fun in Canada. The other half were turned back for “other reasons.”

Over 25% of those turned away were barred when revealed their intention was to sightsee DURING A PANDEMIC!

Here are the numbers of Americans Refused Entry:

  • 10,329 U.S. citizens turned away
  • 2700 — rejected for a sightseeing or tourism trip
  • 1200 — rejected for a trip that was recreational in nature
  • 500 — rejected for entering to shop

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Canada shut down its borders to the U.S. in March 2020 and was expected to open in July. But that date has been extended to August 21 given the surge of new daily cases in U.S. read more