This Historian Has Predicted Every US Presidential Election Since 1984 — Here’s His Latest

Since 1984, Allan Lichtman, an American historian, has predicted every one of the presidential election winners. He even predicted Donald J. Trump would win in 2016, and we all know what happened there. Now, Lichtman shares his predictions for the 2020 U.S. presidential elections.

The American historian predicts that the Biden/Harris ticket will win the November elections.

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He’s confident about it because he says “with seven keys out against him…Trump is going to lose this time.” He also predicted Trump’s impeachment.

Keys? What Keys?

Lichtman predicts the outcome using his own 13-key system, which is a collection of true or false questions.

His keys simply look at the big picture–the incumbent’s charisma, social unrest, short- and long-term economic figures, scandals, and foreign policies, failures, and successes.

But, he warns that his system may not account for something like the pandemic of 2020.

Lichtman also says that the manner in which the Trump administration has handled the pandemic sent the country into a recession, thereby losing the short-term economy key. It also affected the long-term one.

Along with all that, the incumbent also lost another key with regards to social unrest because of the pandemic.

However, he also says that some factors concern him: the possibility of foreign interference and voter suppression.

Keep in mind that Trump both welcomed and exploited the Russian interference and would do it again if possible.