The Bay Dumps Ivanka Trump Merchandise


Is it a political or a financial decision on the part of Hudson’s Bay who decided to stop selling Ivanka Trump merchandise in their Canadian stores? 

Any way one looks at it, whether it is political or financial, the negative comments about Canadians by Ivanka Trump’s father, President Donald Trump may be at the center, causing the slump in sales of her line.

The Bay or Hudson’s Bay is Canada’s oldest department store. It is now owned by the American retailer that owns other stores like Lord & Taylor and Saks Fifth Avenue. The retailer pulled the plug on all merchandise that bears Ivanka Trump’s brand from its stores and its website on Friday, July 13.

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Many Canadians are now turning away from American products as a result of President Trump’s tariffs imposed on Canadian companies and entire industries.

The boycott of US products is a growing trend as Trump continuously disrespects Canada and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The retailer claims its actions are due to the performance of the brand, not because Canadians are boycotting American products.

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