Wanna Make it BIG? This Talent App Shows the World that You’re a Star


Looking for talent? Wanna make it BIG? This Free talent app can help you!

With Playbook Hub, you can find and advertise art services and open the door to success.

Booking artists for events and work just got much easier for Canadians. Gone are the days when you have to slog through tons of Google results. You can now find the artist you need at Playbook Hub Canada, and online artist booking service.

The service just launched in Toronto on April 4th and will reach across Canada throughout the next year.

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Everything You Need to Know About the Talent App Called Playbook Hub

The platform is free and easy to use and makes connecting art and business super simple and smooth. Playbook Hub originated in South Africa in 2017 and became a quick hit with users.

The platform has all you need to make finding and booking an artist easy including messaging, invoicing and payment, and a calendar of events.

In addition to searching for specific artists or gigs, people can post and apply to talent opportunities on the app, as well. Get ready to create and use your free account with Playbook Hub!