Super Moon Montreal Happens Tomorrow Night!

super moon montreal

So, what is a supermoon anyway? That’s a great question. First of all, a supermoon is bigger and brighter than most full moons. It’s a nickname coined by Richard Nolle, an astrologer, in 1979.

That’s because the moon is close to the earth, making it appear larger.

This supermoon is happening TOMORROW! And, it’s a treat for everyone across Canada because it will be visible from every part of the country.

Basically, a supermoon is defined as a New Moon or a Full Moon with its center being no more than 360,000 km from the Earth’s center.

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So this is the super moon Montreal gets to enjoy. Get ready to admire this beautiful sight tomorrow night, February 19, 2019. Have your cameras ready!

But, we’re not alone! People from Vancouver, Toronto, Fredericton and beyond can enjoy the supermoon, too.

Now, we can only hope for clear skies to really enjoy it!

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