Finally a Sugar Shack for Vegetarians and Vegans Near Montreal


Now everyone can enjoy the Quebec spring experience – A Sugar Shack for Vegetarians and Vegans! Finally, real health-conscious people can enjoy the Cabane a Sucre. 

sugar shack for vegetarians and vegans

If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, head over to Cabane a Sucre Handfield in Saint-Marc-Sur-Richelieu. This place looks to change the game by providing a large collection of vegetarian food, gluten-free options and plates that are designed for people with common food allergies.

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Traditionally, going to a sugar shack is a meat-heavy experience. As one of the most iconic Quebec spring experiences, the option to enjoy meat-free meals means more fun for everyone.

sugar shack for vegetarians and vegans
courtesy Auberge Handfield

So, head to a sugar shack whether you eat meat or not and enjoy the short but sweet Montreal spring!