Still Disinfecting Everything? You Might Be Wasting Your Time

woman in white long sleeve shirt and blue denim jeans standing beside white wooden framed glass

Throughout the pandemic we have heard that one thing works and then it doesn’t, leaving many of us confused and with a false sense of security.

According to some, they only feel safe when spraying Lysol disinfecting spray and wiping down all surfaces with wipes, alcohol, and the like. But is that really making us safer?

Some businesses claim they sanitize every surface and scrub down their machines. The New York City subway shuts down nightly for a deep cleaning, which had never shut down in all its 116 years of operation!

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Could it be a waste of time?

Originally, we were told, after some studies, that the virus remains on certain surfaces for up to 3 days! No wonder we were all disinfecting.

But, now studies show that this is not the main way that the virus spreads. Surface transmission is not justified by science.

As time has passed and more research on the virus, science shows that surface transmission is rare.

Of course, rare doesn’t mean that it can’t happen at all, so keep that in mind.

And, keep washing your hands and wear a mask because, according to science, talking with people without wearing masks is a way for COVID-19 to spread. Read moreā€¦