St Henri Restaurants – Dine in One of the Coolest Montreal Neighborhoods


To get your fair share of good food in Montreal (and there’s lots of it), you need to head to St Henri restaurants. Finding the best places in which to dine in one of the coolest Montreal neighborhoods could sometimes be a challenge though – they’re always busy! But they’re worth it. 

Gourmet Restaurants in St Henri

This is one of the Quartiers du Canal neighborhood that’s home to a collection of gourmet restaurants and a mix of various cuisines. Whether you’re looking for a diner experience or want to try Portuguese rotisseries, Lebanese, French, Vietnamese, or Mexican dishes, you’ll find a place to sit and enjoy yourself.

The St Henri neighborhood is also packed with busy wine bars, microbreweries, cafes, and even dairy bars. There’s something for everyone!

Saint-Henri offers tastes from India, the Middle East, and Singapore, among many others. It also has a handful of restaurants that have developed into local favorites with regular customers.

No matter what type of cuisine you’re looking for, St-Henri is Montreal’s gastronomic hub.

Saint Henri Dairy Bars

Not only will you enjoy your choice of delicious cuisine in St-Henri, but you’ll be able to hop over to your pick of dairy bar to enjoy delicious sorbets, gelato, and classic ice cream. There are even vegan options! Try one or all of the many flavors and satisfy your sweet tooth.

St-Henri Bars

When it comes to alcohol, St-Henri has got you covered. If you’re more of a beer person, you can find commercial and microbrewery options served in the collection of bars.

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You can also enjoy a selection of standard and sparkling wines throughout the neighborhood. You’ll find many beautiful terraces that you can enjoy your drink on, especially during the summer.

Everything in St Henri is easy to access and you’ll be able to move from your meal to your dairy bar dessert and drink smoothly.