Spring is Officially Here, But We Could Get Up to 20 cm of Snow on Friday!

montreal snowstorm

Just when people are out enjoying the spring weather, it looks like winter is rearing it’s ugly head again in the form of between 15 and 20 cm. Ugh.

This is according to the Weather Network that claims we may be getting an early spring storm in Quebec. Some areas will get the maximum forecasted snow dumped on them, others may be spared.

Tonight, temperatures will plummet and the expected rain will become snow again. So, Friday in Quebec will just be another wintry day with cold winds and snow.

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Montreal may only get as little as 5 cm but it all depends on which way the storm is heading, and of course, the temperatures. If it’s warm, it will rain, otherwise it’s going to come down as snow.

And, it looks as if we’ll be getting light snow throughout the first weekend of spring.

On the bright side, we know it’s almost over and we’ve made it through another cold, hard winter.

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