Snuggle Squad Support Dogs Come to Trudeau Airport

Trudeau Airport/Facebook

Nervous flyers have a new way to cope at Montreal’s Trudeau Airport. The airport has support dogs on site.

The team is composed of 30 support dogs, specifically trained to help calm the jitters in nervous passengers.

This team of support dogs is nicknamed the Snuggle Squad. The dogs and their owners walk through the airport looking for passengers, both domestic and international, who might need some snuggles before heading on the plane.

Members of the Snuggle Squad are trained to wait for passengers to come to them. Those flyers who feel comfortable enough to approach the dogs can feed them, pet them and ask them to do tricks.

The Companion Animal Adoption Centers of Quebec (CAACQ) organizes the program and selects the dogs for the Squad.

Airport security gives its approval before the dogs are officially signed on to the program.

Those pet owners who would like to participate in the program with their pups are welcome to volunteer. They simply need to complete a training course, visit the airport to ensure the noise isn’t too comfortable, and then go through the airport’s security protocol.

Look for a purple bandana and a wagging tail if you want to interact with the Snuggle Squad, Trudeau Airport’s support dogs.