Cool Smart Home Technology Lowers Your Energy Bill – Good for You and the Planet


Technology can be a good thing and you can use it without lifting a finger, almost…

Smart Home Technology Lowers Your Energy Bill

There isn’t anyone who wouldn’t want to save money on their energy bill, and the combination of smart home technology and eco-friendly products is offering help in that venture.

The manager of environmental sustainability at The Home Depot Canada has given some tips on how to use technology to your advantage.

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You’ve probably already switched to LED lightbulbs and seen the drop in your bill, and now it’s time to upgrade again. WiFi-enabled bulbs are the future. Check in with your smartphone or tablet and see if you’ve left the lights on and turn them off!

Smart Home Technology Lowers Your Energy Bill

Another great way to enhance your lighting is by using smart controls, which allow you to control the lights from anywhere.

Keep your house comfortable and your energy bill reasonable by upgrading the thermostat you use. Smart thermostats use room sensors to self-adjust temperatures from room to room as needed and can save you up to 23% in your heating and cooling costs.

Start choosing smart appliances. The world is progressing, and many appliances are being designed to be as eco-friendly as possible, which means more savings for you!