Self-Cleaning Public Toilets to Be Installed Around Montreal


The business of going to the bathroom isn’t usually one that people like to talk about, but it is in the news.

That’s because there are new public toilets being installed this year – all of which are self-cleaning. Five are scheduled to open in the next two months and the other four, only in September. By the way, each one costs $300K!

It’s a step in the right direction, and one that was taken over 85 years ago. Unfortunately, they weren’t self-cleaning toilets in Montreal in the 1930s, but they were in place to serve an important purpose. They were closed and left the burden on businesses to let in anyone off the street to use their facilities.

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Finally, Montreal has taken the necessary steps to bring these facilities to neighbourhoods that need them – where there are lots of people and businesses. Other Canadian cities have already had these toilets for years. Well, better late than never!

Self-cleaning public washroom in Toronto. 

Montreal got one about four months ago in the Quartier des spectacles, and it’s had a positive response.

In Rosemont, Plaza Saint-Hubert installed public toilets last summer. Although they were NOT self-cleaning toilets, they were used extensively by shoppers and people in general. The business on the street were thrilled with the results.

“It put a big stress on stores and restaurants, and on people who wanted to use toilets but couldn’t,” Parente said. “It was usually bars, and those with children under 18 couldn’t go in.”

So, when you are busy exploring our beautiful city this spring and summer, you can at least feel confident that there’s somewhere to go when you need to go.