Secret Santas Everywhere are Paying Other People’s Purchases


It’s such a relief to hear that there are really good people around us, all the time, and especially close to the holidays. Let’s face it, not everyone is in a good place, financially speaking. Thankfully, there are Secret Santas and Good Samaritans.

And those who are, and who can, are just making the world a better place for some.

An anonymous man paid off all the layaway items in the Derby, Vermont Walmart store.

Here’s one video of a good samaritan paying thousands of dollars for other people’s layaway purchases at another Walmart…

He told one woman to go and get her layaway and that he’d meet her at the cash register to pay for it. Everything that was in the layaway room, he paid for.

How sweet!

Random acts of kindness…

Here’s another at a Toys R Us store also in the US where the Secret Santa paid off over $10,000 in layaway items for others last year.