Saint-Laurent Boulevard – Museum on Montreal’s Cultural History

saint-laurent boulevard
Credit: Boulevard Saint-Laurent/Facebook

Walking through Saint-Laurent Boulevard, or St-Lawrence Blvd., as it’s referred to by some Anglos, is like visiting a museum on Montreal’s rich cultural history.

The 10-block stretch, north of Sherbrooke Street, paints a picture of the different immigrants who have called the area home. The area’s first immigrants, the Jews, nicknamed the trendy street “The Main” (La Main in French).

saint-laurent boulevard

By far, it is one the most iconic spots in Montreal. There are tons of things to see and do on Saint-Laurent Boulevard. Any time of day or night, this multicultural street is always open for business.

The Main — Trendy in Every Way

Whatever your background and whichever corner of the city you live in, as soon as you get to The Main, you’ll be in one of Montreal’s most trendiest spots that includes galleries, cafes, and restaurants.

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The street cuts the city in two, dividing east and west. It’s where some of Montreal’s best nightlife is — with any type of bar imaginable. Crowds flock to the boulevard’s trendy night clubs, pubs, dance halls, and any other venue you can think of.

Saint-Laurent Boulevard boasts restaurants always filled with foodies that love its worldly culinary scene, suitable to any budget. It’s also the go-to place for drinks, where you’ll spot some of the city’s the coolest people.

It’s also home to the best designer fashion, unique jewelry shops, and upscale furniture and decor shops in Montreal.

Saint-Laurent Boulevard is just the place to be, whatever the season. It’s where real Montrealers shop, dine, and drink.

Credit: Boulevard Saint-Laurent/Facebook

Saint-Laurent Boulevard Festivals

The Main is sizzling in summertime.

Credit: Boulevard Saint-Laurent/Facebook

It’s got amazing sidewalk sales and festivals, like the Mural Festival that showcases street art, created by talented artists, for every passerby.

Credit: Boulevard Saint-Laurent/Facebook

You can find all kinds of cultures that offer their specialties on Saint-Laurent Boulevard, too. Here are a few examples:

  • Chinese grocery stores
  • Italian coffee bars with the best baristas
  • Greek eateries that offer delicious meals
  • Vietnamese sandwich shops for a quick bite
  • Jewish delis serving up the best smoked meat
  • Hungarian mouthwatering sausages
  • Peruvian snack bars

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