New Royalmount Mega Mall Will Change Montreal

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The new mega mall “The Royalmount” is something to talk about. For one thing, it’s an almost $2 billion project set to open for business in 2022!

The group is starting construction of the project in the spring of next year. And what a vision. It’s sleek and modern, huge and really impressive.

The Royalmount

The massive project is more than just a mall. According to the developers, it will be a:

multifunctional urban pole that will be green, local, and innovative…include a wide variety of uses such as hotels, offices, commercial establishments, restaurants, cinemas, concert halls and other types of entertainment.

It will include entertainment and wellness venues, and indoor and outdoor restaurants. A social hub, if you will. It will be a mini city within the city.

The Royalmount

Here are some other official photos from their site:

The Royalmount

The location of what will be a new Montreal landmark and attraction is at the intersection of highway 15 and highway 40 on Royal-Mount Avenue in TMR.

The Royalmount

So, it will be quite easy to get to by car.

But, it will just as easily be accessible by metro. The closest station to The Royalmount is De La Savane, on the orange line. It is set to link the station and the development with an above-ground tunnel.

The Royalmount

Traffic Nightmare Comes with The Royalmount Mega Mall

While all this looks incredible and sounds awesome, the location of the project and its size is also raising red flags among traffic experts, like Rick Leckner and others.

The new shopping center and then some will also affect traffic in a very bad way. What is already a congested area will become even more so congested.

One study says The Royalmount will have a “major impact” on the city’s traffic.

During peak hours, such as between 5 PM and 7 PM, drivers should expect at least an extra 15 to 30 minute delays, depending on where you’re coming from, once The Royalmount opens!