The musical sci-fi horror-comedy film released in 1975, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, was based on the musical production of 1973, The Rocky Horror Show, and it’s back in Montreal!

If you wished you were part of a generation of iconic music and shows, here’s your chance to experience it live. Enter into the parody that pays tribute to sci-fi and horror B movies from the almost a century ago, right up to the 70s.

There’s great music, incredible costumes, mad scientists, alien transvestites, and so much more.

And it can’t get any better than the Rocky Horror experience around Halloween. The tradition continues at the MainLine Theatre in Montreal, hosting a live stage production of The Rocky Horror Show for 3 weeks!

The 9-performance event starts on October 18 through October 31.

Amy Blackmore, the executive and artistic director of the Montreal Fringe Festival, is directing the show.


Some past local cast members will also return, including Kenny Streule, the narrator, Stephanie McKenna playing Frank N. Furter, and others!

The Rocky Horror Montreal show tickets are on sale now, so don’t delay as you might miss out on an incredible and unforgettable experience.

The October 27 performance is followed by a Halloween party, as is the October 31 show.

And, to get you more in the mood for the cult musical, Rocky Horror-themed cocktails will be served at the bar at every performance.

Rocky Horror Show Montreal

When: October 18 – 31
Where: MainLine Theatre, 3997 St. Laurent Boulevard, Montreal or call 514-849-3378