Meet the Robot Bartender at Le XVI XVI Restaurant in Montreal


It goes by the name R1-B1 (short for Robot 1 – Barman 1) and it is now the first ever robot bartender in the entire world and it’s in Montreal’s Le XVI XVI or Le 1616.

R1-B1 is special for another reason – it “mingles” with the clientele in French. It has also shown to have quite the sense of humor.

Le 1616 is a new type of restaurant – a tech-savvy one that is also getting the clientele in on the action.

First, they plan to incorporate a new way for clients to contact their waiter via their phones. Secondly, the valet service will also be contacted in this way too! And more is sure to come.

Pretty impressive and futuristic, wouldn’t you agree?

Le XVI XVI / Le 1616 Robot Bartender

Where: 1616 Sherbrooke St. W., Montreal
Time: Monday – Saturday (by reservation only Thursday – Saturday)