Road Trip Safety Tips For Travel During the Pandemic

road safety tips for travel during the pandemic

There are still restrictions on international travel, but lots of Canadians are considering a summer road trip to shine a little hope into their lives. But, a road trip during the pandemic comes with some safety considerations. Here are some road trip safety tips for travel during the pandemic

Plan ahead for pandemic road safety tips

Even though you plan ahead for every road trip you take, this one is going to be especially different. For example, every province has its own regulations put in place regarding the pandemic, restricting nonessential travel.

So, if you are a Quebecer and own a cottage in Ontario, you are restricted from visiting your second home.

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Closed Highways during Pandemic for Safety

Some highways that connect different provinces are also closed to nonessential travel. Not being informed of these measures, which are constantly changing and being updated, could heavily impact your travel plans.

Before going anywhere, make sure you research every step of your travel plans. This summer is knocking to be like any other summer where you spontaneously decide to hop in the car and make last-minute decisions as to where you’ll go or stay.


COVID-19 spreads through respiratory droplets that come from the nose or the mouth, from an infected person. So, it is important to limit contact with people you don’t live with.

It’s recommended that, instead of going to crowded places, choose a place where there are fewer people. And, before getting in the car, make sure you understand the various details surrounding the coronavirus numbers and avoid hotspots.

You’ll have to be more conscious of sanitizing items and washing your hands. Make sure you have soap, hand sanitizers, and items like disinfectant wipes. So, bring extra supplies with you.

Think of the Lineups!

You will also need to be wiser about your plans because there will likely be more lineups for restaurants and grocery shops, and other places may even be closed.

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Don’t forget your facemasks. Whether they are store-bought to surgical masks or reusable ones, they are important, and everyone should have their own supplies. Also, disposable gloves will come in handy.

Disposable gloves are essential supplies when using bank machines or pumping gas. And, if you don’t have them, you’ll have to have supplies to wash your hands with soap and water because it’s better than hand sanitizer.

Nothing Changes When You’re on the Road

You may feel as though the pandemic is pretty much over, but it’s not. And when we are on vacation, we tend to feel much more relaxed about things. This is not the time to ease up on being cautious with COVID-19.

On a road trip, you’ll need food, but it’s imperative that you handle food carefully, with clean hands. And, avoid going into restaurants. If possible, do curbside pickup or delivery.

Whatever you touch that was touched by others means that you should wash your hands afterwards.

Renting a Car or Hotel Room?

Anything you rent means that it could be infected with the virus from previous consumers. So, have some disinfectant wipes and wipe down all surfaces just to be safe, as recommended by experts.

Remember to keep your distance from others — if you’re asking someone questions for directions or what have you, maintain that 6 foot distance recommendation.

Do you have any road trip safety tips for travel during the pandemic? Let us know.