Road Rage Canadian Style Caught On Camera

canada road rage

Road rage in Canada takes on a new form after this incident caught on camera in MONTREAL! It’s only 8 seconds…


We can all agree that driving anywhere, anytime can be frustating when drivers are bullies or others who don’t respect the rules of the road.

Sometimes, sadly, road rage turns very ugly and violent – even leading to death, but this “brutal Canadian road rage incident caught on camera” is going viral and fast.

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This video was posted recently on Reddit, showing a Montreal man freaking out but in a most Canadian fashion – without violence.

With all the snow, the man gets out of his car when stopped at a red light and literally grabs his snow brush to clear the snow off the back window of the car right in front of him.

You can see his frustration as he shakes his head while walking back to his own car.

Lesson: Clear the snow off your cars people, or someone else might do it for you!