Queen Elizabeth Goes Fur-Free & Makes History Doing So


As of now, Queen Elizabeth goes fur-free, like Gucci and California.

The news comes from a new memoir by the Queen’s personal advisor and dresser, Angela Kelly. In it she states that even in royal appearances, the monarch will not wear fur.

This is true even if its really cold out. Instead, she’ll be wearing faux fur.

In case you’re wondering, the book was endorsed by Queen Elizabeth, so it’s got to be true. And, if you know anything about the Queen, you know she (and her family) is very private. But, Angela got permission to write this book.

To be totally clear, the Queen will not have any new outfits designed for her with real fur — only fake fur from now on.

But, she may still wear her existing outfits with real fur.

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She and her staff seem to be moving in the same direction as the British public. Most Brits don’t like fur, don’t own fur, and won’t wear fur.

Animal fur is a hot topic — one that no one wants to be on the wrong side of. There’s a lot of negative attention paid to people who wear animal fur, especially celebrities and the Royal Family.

PETA is constantly fighting with the fashion world and has also had it out with the Royals. One of their biggest issues with them is the bear fur-lined hats worn by the Queen’s guard.

Thanks to PETA and other activists, the world of fashion has changed dramatically. Many top designers have completely stopped using real fur in their collections.

Unfortunately, while it is believed that faux fur is better, we need to rethink that.

Faux fur is a terrible alternative because of its environmental impact that synthetic fabrics have, lik toxic emissions.

Other groups, like the British Fur Trade Association argue that real fur is long-lasting, sustainable, and free of plastics.

So, for now, and according to reports, Queen Elizabeth goes fur-free, unless she’s wearing outfits from her existing wardrobe.

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