Ongoing Quebec Student Strike Over Unpaid Internships


The widespread practice of unpaid internships in North America may soon come to an end as a Quebec student strike persists from last week.

Many businesses in Canada and the United States assume that students benefit from unpaid internships by gaining invaluable work experience.

That may all change as the 50,000-strong Quebec student strike continues from last week’s momentum.

For instance, an 800-hour internship is required to be completed by McGill social work students! All those hours worked – for FREE!

Unpaid internships, however, are just the tip of the iceberg in the growing protest movement.

Like a powerful storm or hurricane steadily gaining strength, the potency of the #MeToo movement has managed to seep into the cracks of North American student discontent.

The coordinating committee for the Quebec student strike has also stated in no equivocal terms that, in addition to overhauling an abusive system of unpaid internships, labour laws must take into consideration the protection of students from any form of workplace harassment or discrimination.

The newly installed government counters that the issue of unpaid internships is already on the table according to Quebec education minister Jean-Francois Roberge.

Not to take chances with the persistent practice of unpaid internships in Quebec and beyond, however, the ongoing student strike may persist well into winter 2019.