Quebec Pushes Businesses To Be More Environmentally Friendly Or Else!


In an attempt to improve the recycling system of Quebec, the provincial government is turning the tables on businesses and producers of materials, containers, and printed matter.

Companies will soon become more responsible for waste management of their products, according to Environment Minister Benoit Charette.

Producers of items like printed matter, packaging, containers and the like will be responsible for the product for its life cycle, from its recovery to its sorting and recycling.

The targets are laid out by the CAQ and businesses will have to adjust or else they’ll be fined.

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In forcing the hand of businesses, it will ultimately lead to industries choosing materials that are more environmentally friendly.

Something really has to be done to change the direction we’re heading in. Just look at Montreal — it’s in a recycling crisis.

And, our recycling that goes overseas is often turned right around by other countries who just don’t want it anymore.

Plastic bottle pollution is a huge problem and producers should be held responsible, according to Greenpeace Canada:

โ€œIt is time to hold companies to account for what they put into the marketplace without consideration of their products end-of-life management.โ€

Agnรจs Le Rouzic

David Suzuki is also on board.

At least it looks like we are on track to improve the situation and the government of Quebec is doing its part. For instance, Quebec expanded its recycling deposit system. That means it now includes other materials like plastic, glass and metal bottles.

Unfortunately, it will take a will for the new recycling program to come into effect. Sadly, things take time but it should start in 2022 and by 2025 be fully operational.

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