Quebec’s Magdalen Islands Named Top Place to Visit in 2020


If you are looking for somewhere different to travel to in 2020, check this out! Like the idea of spectacular frozen lagoons, delicious seafood, and friendly locals? If it sounds appealing to you, then consider the Quebec Magdalen Islands or les Îles de la Madeleine in French.

Even National Geographic has named the islands, located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, as one of its top 25 trips to take in 2020. Most Canadians haven’t even heard of these islands, despite the recommendation from National Geographic.

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Best Time to Go to the Quebec Magdalen Islands

Any time of year is good to visit, but if possible, time your trip during the small window from the end of February, for a short three-week season in March. During that time, baby seals in the hundreds can be seen in the ice fields, having migrated to the islands to give birth.

It’s difficult not to love these adorable creatures, with their white, fluffy fur.

Helicopter tours and escorted diving tours are the easiest ways to get up close and personal with the pups on the Quebec Magdalen Islands — one of only three pupping grounds for harp seal in the North Atlantic!

As well as the hundreds of pups, visitors also see polar bears, walruses, and other native wildlife.

A flight from Montreal takes about four hours and only costs around $500! What a fantastic vacation this would be, right?

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