Quebec is Home to the Happiest People in Canada!


Quebec is the largest province of Canada, and it’s also the province with lots of firsts and best-ofs. You probably think there are hundreds of reasons that you love living in Quebec and Montreal in particular but you’re not alone.

That’s right, Quebec is the province with the happiest people. Compared to all the other Canadian provinces, we Quebecers are the happiest of all.

But why is Quebec is Home to the Happiest People in Canada?

In spite of the frigid winter weather, Quebec is home to millions of people who are still happy with their lives for various reasons. They range from a modest cost of living to the peaceful and friendly local lifestyle.

Lifestyle is an essential part of life in Quebec. More people are happy with their leisure time in this province than elsewhere. It might be a side effect of having a French heritage that’s different from our Anglophone neighbors.

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The local culture emphasizes family and simple pleasures, like getting together, eating out, and enjoying community events and festivals.

Apartment prices are lower because of the vacancy rates and their modest size. Also, most of us generally work two hours less per week than our counterparts in the rest of Canada.

And probably, the fact that we have more social support that lightens the financial burden on middle and lower class Quebecers must play a huge role. We have more affordable daycare, too. So, these benefits help many of us with balancing work and life.

Of course, we can’t forget that the Anglos and Francophones are getting along better than ever before. We’ve generally become more accepting of diversity overall, too.

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