Quebec City Ice Hotel, Hôtel de Glace Is An Unforgettable Getaway

quebec city ice hotel
Photo: Hôtel de Glace/Facebook

For two decades, this world-famous Hôtel de Glace has been giving its guests a frozen welcome. As an esteemed Quebec City Ice Hotel, it is a highly recommended accommodation for fans of a super hit Hollywood movie, and everyone else.

And, it seems like Disney can’t do it any better. After all, the pride of Quebec gets rebuilt every year. If that’s not enough, it’s absolutely stunning! At least once in your life, you have to stay at this amazing hotel.

Even a snow queen can’t get a better deal as Hôtel de Glace redefines hospitality on an annual basis. At the very least, she gets a queen-size bed made entirely of ice.

Quebec city Ice Hotel
Hôtel de Glace

The world leader in theme parks and family entertainment hasn’t thought of it yet. Or else the Quebec City Ice Hotel will have had some competition by now, right?!

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Like an evil queen casting a spell on a palace, Hôtel de Glace only stays up for three months annually.

Check Out The Stunning Features

Quebec City Ice Hotel
Hôtel de Glace

It’s an architectural wonder that consists of 30,000 tons of frozen water. Add to that, a wall thickness of four feet to allay any fears of melting. Hôtel de Glace boasts of 42 rooms with every piece of furniture made from snow and ice.

Quebec City Ice Hotel
Hôtel de Glace

Mind you, the Ice Hotel in Quebec City serves drinks only in ice glasses. However, for those who want to warm up, a sauna, hot tub, and a fireplace are within reach as well.

Get Married at the Quebec City Ice Hotel

Quebec City Ice Hotel
Hôtel de Glace

Feel free to book a room until March 21–the price range is between $400 and $800 a night.

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