Quebec Car Insurance Rates to Increase Across the Board in 2019 – Here’s Why


You may be one Quebec driver with an excellent driving record, yet your insurance rates will increase this year.

According to the Journal de Montreal‘s reporting, the industry will see hikes across the board, from 10 to 15% more than the year before.

That’s even if you didn’t have an accident or make a claim.

The Insurance Bureau of Canada (LAC), confirmed that insurance premiums for Quebec motorists will continue to rise in 2019.

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Why are Insurance Premiums Rising in Quebec

According to the agency,

“We observe that for three years there has been an increase in the number of claims. This has repercussions on policyholders’ premiums, “

says BAC spokeswoman Anne Morin.

With cars being more costly to repair, thanks to inflation and technology installed in them, it’s only logical that someone will have to foot the bill, and that’s YOU and every other consumer who drives.

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